Bursa was the capital of the Ottoman Empire between 1326 and 1365. The mausoleums of the early Ottoman sultans are located in Bursa and the city's main landmarks include numerous edifices built throughout the Ottoman period.

Bursa also has thermal baths and several museums, including a museum of archaeology. The shadow play characters Karagöz and Hacivat are based on historic personalities who lived and died in Bursa. Bursa is also home to some of the most famous Turkish dishes such as İskender kebap, specially candied marron glacés, peaches and Turkish delight. The historic towns of İznik (Nicaea), Mudanya and Zeytinbağı are all situated in the Province of Bursa.

Bursa is a picturesque city located in the foothills of Mount Uludag amidst green countryside and forest. Mount Uludag is Turkey's ski resort and a wonderful place to visit all year round. Bursa is a highly developed industrial city  including textile and automotive companies.

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