For the first time in the history of ELECO, ELECO 2017, the 10th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, will offer the invaluable opportunity to demonstrate the implementations of novel, innovative and original research in all areas covered by the Conference. The goal in launching this demonstration session is to provide the authors a forum to make live demonstrations of their research set-ups/results and allow the participants view novel and noteworthy systems in action, discuss the systems with those who created them, and have interactive hands on experience opportunity to try them out. Therefore, the session will welcome contributions presenting novel and innovative demonstrations of applications, technologies and research prototypes. in all of the areas covered by ELECO. Demonstrations can also serve to showcase novel commercial products not previously described in the research literature. However, the demo forum is not an opportunity for marketing or sales presentations.


The four page paper of accepted demonstrations will be included in the proceedings of ELECO 2017 and in the IEEE Xplore database. At least one author of each accepted demo is required to register and present their demo at the conference.

Demonstration submission requires a 4-page paper including an (i) Introduction describing the project goal or research problem, contribution, and value to ELECO attendees; (ii) Demo System Summary that describes the logistics of the demonstration with pictures of demo set-up and any pictures that relate to the results intended to be demonstrated, the noteworthy and distinguishing ideas or approaches it embodies. We also highly encourage authors to also include a video of the system in action, particularly if it helps illustrate the proposed demonstration.

It is a requirement that the presenter(s) is (are) a member (members) of the team that carried out the project. Please also provide a detailed description of what you need to make the demonstration work, such as needed space, equipment support, and Internet connectivity.

Please note if this is a demo of a system described in a paper accepted for this year’s conference or that has appeared elsewhere, it can still be considered provided that the original source has been referenced in the paper.

We look forward to seeing you in Bursa!

Demonstration Chairs

Vedat Tavşanoğlu
Isik University
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Maslak, Istanbul, TURKEY

Müştak Erhan Yalçın
Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Electrical-Electronics Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
34469, Maslak, Istanbul, TURKEY