Smart Buildings and Smart Transportation for an Efficient Power Network

The trends of increasing urbanization, increasing number of electric appliances and the expected penetration of heat pumps and electric-vehicles (EVs) indicates that the electricity demand in urban areas will continuously increase in the near future. On the other hand, almost all countries are willing to increase the share or Renewable Energy Sources (RES), which however are fluctuating and uncertain. Therefore, there are several incentives in many EU countries to operate their weather-dependent RESs, such as PV-plants and wind-farms, at their maximum possible outputs whenever technically possible. Therefore, RES based production do not follow the variation of energy consumption. However, it is well known that this high RES penetration cases decrease the supply reliability. Hence, in addition to several operational challenges, the grid operation should be supported by smart buildings and by smart transportation systems.

This special session aims to concentrate coordinated operation of smart buildings and smart transportation systems with the smart grids to increase the efficiency of electric grid.

Session Organizers

Aydogan Ozdemir
Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Electrical-Electronics Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
34469, Maslak, Istanbul, TURKEY

Dimitrios Tsiamitros
Associate Professor
University of Applied Sciences of Western Macedonia, Greece